Wisconsin Recall Election

walker wins recall

After just a year and a half after Governor Scott Walker defeated his opponent Tom Barret by 6 points in Wisconsin’s election, angry activists managed to collect enough signatures to force a recall election and a rematch between the two. The recall election, a tool meant to remove leaders who have violated their duties as leaders, and not a tool for removing leaders you disagree with politically that won a fair election, is being misused in the state to punish Walker after he and state congressional leaders took it upon the state to curb excessive powers from public unions.


These public unions have decades of history of protecting inefficient workers, poorly reviewed workers, of increasing costs, making it hard if not impossible to balance the budget as they demand excessive wages and benefits that most of the nation’s employees do not see, and their refusal to compromise. After seeing the damaging impact of these unions and the collective bargaining rights, Governor Scott and the state passed a law to limit the union’s collective bargaining abilities for public (government ran) unions. This measure would effectively allow public officials to drastically cut the budget as they save money through curtailing the union’s excessive and wasteful programs that incentive inefficient management.

Walker Wins Recallwalker wins recall

While never having an impact of private companies and their associated unions, the powers came out yelling. Seeking to return things to the way they were, after unsuccessfully trying to violate state congressional rules to hold up the process, they gathered near 900,000 signatures to force a recall election.


No governor has ever won their recall election in the United States’ history, but his reelection effort is being backed by large donors and small donors alike who are seeking justice in the political system, who find the intentional misuse of the recall system as inappropriate, and those who are concerned after seeing the government caused economic problems at the federal level and global level such as Greece that was caused by similar excessive budget deficits caused by public unions and irresponsible decision making .

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In an election that has divided many in the state, its national implications have already been discussed among pundits and leaders. Obama who supports such inefficient government practices has come out against Walker. He won the state in 2008, but instantly saw the state turn in 2010 in a backlash to his policies. In an election that is expected to be close, every state will matter and the results of tonight could be an indicator of what is to come in November.


Other states passed similar proposals that was signed in by Governor Walker including Ohio, but after a heavily funded campaign of lies it was defeated in November of 2011 on the issues ballot.


Governor Walker is projected to win his recall election.

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