United States the Richest Nation

united states the richest

 Which nation is the richest?

Recent statistics show that the United States has a highly disproportionation rate of wealthy individuals than anywhere else in the world. These stats also state that to be included in the top 1% of the world’s richest is fairly easy for your average American. To be part of this top 1% it merely takes a yearly earning of $34,000 per person per household.

Which Nation is the Richest?
Out of that 1% 29 million, or about half, lives in America. The second largest amount comes from Germany with 4 million individuals and the rest are mostly scattered throughout Europe and Asia. What makes these figures even more remarkable is that statistically none of the top 1% comes from India or China, the 2 most populated regions in the world.


united states the richest

united states the richest

While 34,000 a year may seem like a lot to the majority of the world, that figure is considered to be rather average and middle class here in the States. The global middle class would be considered a state of poverty to most Americans with those individuals not being able to afford a home, car, or retirement savings. The middle class of the world lives with a yearly income of about 1,500.


To put things in one final piece of perspective, the poorest 5% of Americans live better off than 66% of the world.

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