U.S. Suspends $ 800 Million in Military Aid to Pakistan

The Obama administration announced the suspension or cancellation of millions of dollars in military aid to Pakistan. This comes as questions regarding the support of Pakistan’s government in the War on Terror remains unanswered. It is not clear if the money, meant to combat terrorists and extremist insurgents is actually being used for that purpose.


White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley confirmed the suspension of the millions in aid to Pakistan, but stressed that despite these troubles, the relationship between the United States and Pakistan is not over.


“The truth of the matter is our relationship with Pakistan is very complicated. Obviously, they have been an important ally in the fight on terrorism, they have been the victim of enormous amounts of terrorism. But right now they have taken some steps that have given us reason to pause on some of the aid which we were giving to their military,” Daley said. “And we’re trying to work through that. And it’s a complicated relationship in a very difficult, complicated part of the world.”

“The Pakistani relationship is difficult, but it must be made to work over time,” Daley said. “But until we get through these difficulties, we will hold back some of the money that the American taxpayers have committed to give.”
Concerns have arose more frequently ever since Osama Bin Laden was found hiding in near plain sight inside of Pakistan.
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