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Who is the Goat Man

who is the goat man

Every once in a while a surprising or fun story is needed to give readers a break from the normal stories of life that involves financial transactions, savings, trying to hold onto a job or other typical economic interactions. With that in mind, this story is about the Goat Man.   On July 15th, a […]

Pete Rose Reality TV Show

Pete Rose Reality TV Show

Pete Rose may be the all-time hit leader for Major League Baseball, but he is also about to be a reality television  show star.  The 17 time All-Star will have his own show on TLC, as the production of the show has already begun. Titled: Pete Rose and Kiana Kim Family Project, the show will […]

Andy Griffith is Dead Wiki

Andy Griffith is Dead Wiki

A tv icon passed away today. TV legend, Andy Griffith, who played the iconic Sheriff Andy Taylor on the Andy Griffith show, was announced to be dead by a close friend, Bill Friday. After portraying the friendly sheriff of the small town of Mayberry for years, he became a household name as a man of […]

Impact of the Recession on America- Federal Reserve: American’s Net Worth Drastically Lower

Impact of the Recession on America

Last month’s job report showed a troubling sign for the economy. Unemployment rose after months of stagnant “improvement” that accompanied record high numbers of Americans no longer counted in the unemployment statistic as the record number of Americans excluded from the labor force has continued to rise. Over the past 3 years unemployment has risen […]

Green Lantern is Gay

green lantern is gay

It was announced earlier this year that one of DC’s comic book heroes would be coming out of the closet. As society has inched on to supporting homosexuality more and  more, prominent people are coming out in support of so-called gay rights and even the inclusion of gay characters into story lines. The news broke […]

2012 Nintendo E3 Predictions Wiki

2012 nintendo e3 predictions

E3 has become more than just a convention for gamers, but is a full event for the entertainment and electronic industry that dwarfs other conventions in size and the level of hype it brings. Large companies have traditionally used this venue as an opportunity to not only announce new games, introduce new consoles, show off […]

Payday Loan Regulations

payday loan regulations

 Payday Loan Regulations   Payday loans are quite popular in states in which they are legal, and many folks take them out in the hopes of getting themselves out of a tight financial spot. Unfortunately, positive payday loan experiences are negatively impacted by high interest rates, among other things. In response to public criticism of […]

Interview Tips for a Tough Economy

Interview Tips for a Tough Economy

Interview Tips for a Tough Economy A Powerful 3 Step Method to Job Interview Success Have a big job interview coming up? Well, good! So do 10 – 20 other people. You are the select few from the application process that actually get a job interview. So, congratulations! You were picked from among potentially hundreds […]

Facebook IPO Is Worth $104 Billion

How Much is Facebook IPO Worth

Facebook did to social media what Google did to search engines. For years Myspace and other smaller sites ruled king as the place to socialize and market oneself on the internet, but upon the arrival of Facebook, the others were just a distant memory to laugh about. Taking the internet by storm, CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s […]

JP Morgan’ $2 Billion Loss

jpmorgan 2 billion dollar loss

When making an investment, we all know they carry some risk of loss. The general rule is: The more you are set to gain, the more you are set to lose, and generally the more risky the transaction may be. People and companies make trades on a near 24 hour scale now, but what is […]