San Diego To Tax Cat Ownership

The San Diego city auditor’s office has come up with new ideas to bring in additional revenue to a cash strapped city, which falls in an even more cash strapped state of California. Hiding behind the cover of health issues they say this tax will be “cost recovery” for tax payers.


The Humane Society of the United States estimates that there are 373,000 cats in San Diego. With these numbers, the city’s auditor’s office said that had 5% of those cats had been registered at $25 each, the city would have saved $536,000 over the past 3 years. Consumers are in disagreement saying this move is illogical. Making pet control in charge of taxing animals leads to high costs tracking down owners they say.


In addition to this, a spokeswoman for the San Diego Cat Fanciers group has stated that much of the cat population is stray cats fed by the kindness of others or simply feral cats, leading to their estimate being way off and the tax idea being impractical.


Opponents of the taxation of cats with a $25 fee also believe this will lead to many owners abandoning or submitting their cats for euthanasia, driving up the costs of the procedure. Regardless, owners already have to pay for their pets in stores, adding additional fees will hurt consumers and the cats themselves.

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