The River Season 2

the river season 2

The River television show found itself as a midseason replacement on ABC in February and instantly began getting noticed by viewers. The show focused on elements of fear and wonder to captivate viewers and push them on to each week.

 Will There Be a Season 2 for The River

Following the premise of a show within a show, in the sense that the storyline revolved around the filming of a tv show as they searched for long time nature show host Dr. Emmet Cole. After going missing 6 months ago in the depths of the Amazon, his family and loyal viewers had given up on his safe return and presumed dead. As everyone began to move on, his distress beacon went off in the Amazon River, launching a brand new search effort by the family and his television crew. What starts off as a routine search quickly escalates into a race for survival as they learn that magic is out there in the Amazon and the local legends are based in reality, pushing everyone to the brink of their nerves and forcing cooperation to stay alive and return home safely with Emmet.


Each week’s episodes pushed the limit on what viewers believed and incorporated terror with awe, while all pushing towards a common goal of survival and a happy ending. In the season finale the crew of the Magus had found the beloved Doctor Cole, but found themselves trapped with no way out, leaving a cliff hanger ending.


Despite a very committed group of loyal viewers, each week saw a decrease in viewers on the ABC network, leading to lower than desired ratings. As of yet a Season 2 have not been authorized.


With many fans seeking a second season and the cast wanting to continue on, The River may need to find a new network. ABC has been said to be unlikely to renew the show, but it may find a haven on Netflix. DVR ratings were high and put the show on a good track for being picked up by a source that depends on streaming for viewers. It had one of the highest ratings on Live+7, making it highly possible to be picked up.


The River does cost money to make though, and at competition is Terra Nova, another series with a similar fate. Viewers are still waiting on the final word from ABC and Netflix to see if The River Season 2 will be happening.


the river season 2

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