Pete Rose Reality TV Show

Pete Rose Reality TV Show

Pete Rose may be the all-time hit leader for Major League Baseball, but he is also about to be a reality television  show star.  The 17 time All-Star will have his own show on TLC, as the production of the show has already begun. Titled: Pete Rose and Kiana Kim Family Project, the show will follow the life of the former Cincinnati Reds player and his fiancee Kiana Kim.


Pete Rose is infamous for racking up hit records among many others in his 17  years in the Majors, but being barred from the Hall of Fame for gambling on the outcome of the games he managed for with the Cincinnati Reds. Rose, now 71 years old, is currently engaged to Kiana Kim who is about half his age in her 30’s and whose beauty has been modeled in such formats as Playboy.


The couple’s relationship made headlines when they first went public about it, considering she is half his age and is known for her beauty while Mr. Rose is not quite blessed with that – though his on the field talents made up for that easily. As a result, the show will follow their lives as they merge into one stable family unit. Mr. Rose resides in Las Vegas where he signs autographs and Miss Kim lives in Los Angeles with her children. The merging of these 2 radically different lifestyles in different cities, as certain family members are still opposed to the relationship, has been selected as entertaining enough for its own show.

Mr. Rose went on to say that they go through the same things as everyone else does in life and relationships. Having kids means they go through education, sports, braces and all the typical events of growing up together. He also went on to add that unlike many reality shows about icons or celebrities, that this show will not classless.  It will be legitimately real and entertaining.


An already confirmed incident in Pete Rose and Kiana Kim Family Project include the family visiting Cooperstown to visit the Hall of Fame that Pete Rose most certainly  deserves to be in on his stats alone. Rose has also said that the show will show the public his true personality. During his baseball career he was known as an aggressive player, sliding head first, making every at bat count and being a true competitor. Since retirement though, he insists he is a down to earth guy and can be approached and talked to at his events.


His lifetime ban from baseball activities has always been a big issue, and while no guarantees that it will come up, he has gone on record stating that if Bud Selig gives him another chance, it would certainly be addressed in the show. For the time being though, we can plan for 5 episodes to air this year.


Economic Impact: This story is a bit of a fun one that looks into the life of a Cincinnati based celebrity and Major League Baseball Icon and his life. TLC is known for their family based reality shows and has had success airing them. The show is likely to get attention as it portrays an often controversial star and his popular fiancee. Any event he signs onto tends to attract visitors and bring in revenue, as he has an iconic and almost cult like following in Cincinnati after his successful career in the city. In addition to driving in revenue to his events and where he goes, with such a big name couple being portrayed on television, it is certain the first few episodes at minimum will tune in and advertisers will be there to leave their mark as well.


Pete Rose Reality TV Show

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