Pakistan Turns to China as United States Suspends $800 Million in Aid

It was announced that the Obama administration was suspending its military aid to Pakistan upon worries that the money, meant to aid the Pakistani military and officials, is finding its way to terrorists in the region or simply not finding its way to do the job they are supposed to be doing. $300 million of the aid is supposed to go towards reimbursing the Pakistani military for deploying 100,000 troops among the border to combat terrorists, while the remaining sum goes for training, equipment and improvements.


After years of close ties and support, the already rocky relationship took a hit when Osama Bin Laden was found living in a compound in Pakistan in early May.  Obama urged the government to cut ties with insurgent groups and do more in the northern region where it had essentially become a safe haven for groups. Upon the recognized failure to do so, the U.S. aid was cut off.


With a large portion of money Pakistan had become accustomed to having each year being suspended, allegations that China will fill the $800 million gap has arisen. China is already their largest arms dealer. A Pakistani official simply said the Chinese aid would “fill the gap” left behind from the suspension of U.S. aid.

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