Ohio Primary March 6th wiki

Ohio Primary Marh 6th wiki

On March 6th voters in Ohio will be going to voting stations across the state to cast their ballots in support of several ballot provisions, as well as casting a vote for primary candidates for the national and state level elections.


Super Tuesday Ohio Results

In many people’s minds will be the Republican primary contests that features top Republicans duking it out for their bid to face incumbent President Barack Obama in November. Ron Paul has surged this election season and has had several strong showings in the previous states, focusing his efforts on total delegate accumulation to maximize his exposure and support at the Republican National Convention. Then there is Mitt Romney who lost to John McCain in the selecting process in 2008, who eventually lost to now President Obama, and the surging Rick Santorum. Newt Gingrich also remains in the contest, but has lost most of his support and his struggling to stay competitive.


Last week both Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney made stops in the state to campaign and try to convince voters that they are the candidate for them. Ohio has a strong history in the Republican selection process, as no Republican President has ever won without having won the state of Ohio. Because of this fact, it is wise for them to utilize digital printing and other media resources to get their name out there.


Also at issue this upcoming primary election is the Ohio state representative candidates. In district 27, for example, you see a Democratic challenger Nathan Wissman as he prepares to square off against the primary winner between Peter Stautberg and Tom Brinkman Junior. In the 32nd district, Republican Ron Mosby is preparing to face off against incumbent Dale Mallory.


With the state having such a rich history in deciding election contests, a lot of time have been spent on campaigning in these states and the state wide House of Representatives election contests are a clear sign of how the state is willing to swing in the general November election. Yard signs are filling up people’s property and across public land, literature is being handed out, digital printing services and graphic services are being used, and volunteers are in full stride as each candidate pleads their case to the Ohio voters before the upcoming primary election.


Ohio Primary March 6th wiki

Ohio Primary March 6th wiki

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