Obama Unemployment Numbers

Obama’s Senior Adviser David Plouffe made comments earlier this week that have begun to spark criticism. With another poor job report showing for the administration that made the economy are number one issue in its 2008 campaign, he said,  “The average American does not view the economy through the prism of GDP or unemployment rates or even monthly jobs numbers.”


White House press secretary Jay Carney then followed up with similar comments saying the American people do not, “analyze the numbers.” “I don’t know where, you know, the voters that some other folks might be talking to — but — or — but most people do not sit around their kitchen table and analyze GDP and unemployment numbers,” Carney said. “They do not sit around analyzing The Wall Street Journal or other — or Bloomberg to look at the — you know, analyze the numbers.”


This comes as more negative job numbers come out. June employers hired the fewest number of workers in the past 9 months. This disappointing number rose the unemployment rate back up to 9.2%.  Along with such disappointing news was that in April and May, 44,000 less jobs were created than originally reported.


“This report has dashed hopes that the economy was about to accelerate again,” said Nigel Gault, chief U.S. economist at IHS Global Insight in Lexington, Massachusetts. “It is showing a much bleaker picture than other indicators and we must hope that it is overstating the extent of the slowdown.”



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