Obama in Cincinnati as War on Coal and Job Creation Continues

obama in cincinnati

President Obam is coming to Cincinnati today to push his agenda upon the tri-state region and Ohio, as the state is viewed as one of the battleground states that is likely to decide the fate of the November election. With Ohio having been won by near all candidates that went on to win the  Presidency, its value is high for both Obama and Mitt Romney, despite the state having lost electoral votes in the recent census.


Obama has been making his way around Ohio the past few weeks, as he has faced criticism over his campaign’s attack that Romney is a felon, despite the fact that even Democrats from Romney’s time at Bain have come to the former Governor’s defense. Mr. Romney has filed all the legally required campaign finance information, but as the jobs reports continue to show dismal job growth and the economic reports overall are just as weak, the President, who promised vast change and improvement throughout his 2008 campaign and the resulting  presidency, is finding that he is being out fundraised and has lower  voter optimism than he would like, is trying to find anything to attack Governor Romney on to distract from the growing unpopularity  his Presidency faces.


Senator Portman, who many have placed on Romney’s short list for Vice Presidential candidates has been selected to give the rebuttal to Obama’s speech that will be held near Music Hall today in Cincinnati. With Obama expected to continue the attacks on Romney’s business career and his personal success, just a day after saying, “you didn’t build that” in regards to successful business owners,  Portman is likely to highlight the failed economic policies of the Obama regime. Unemployment  is now higher than when Obama took office, and the number of Americans excluded fromt he labor force is near all time highs, pushing the real unemployment situation drastically higher than it is being reported.


Outsourcing is also a likely topic as the President has spent millions of dollars in attack ads spreading lies, as according to Bain representatives and Fact Check in regards to Romney’s record at the company. In a state such as Ohio, where there is a large presence of workers who have at some point lost a job that ended up to more affordable  labor in other countries, the topic is a sensitive one and is expected to be pushed hard this election cycle. The state and its neighboring states also have a long history of coal mining, and with even union workers in the coal industry expressing their opposition to Obama’s expensive and job killing regulations on the industry, the topic is likely to come up at some point.


An anti-Obama protest is also expected in Fountain Square as demonstrators display their displeasure with the President’s failed economic policies and their opposition to Obamacare. The state of Ohio passed a resolution in November against Obamacare, as the nation -and the state – prepared for what they thought would lead to a Supreme Court ruling in their favor. The ruling and the law still remains drastically unpopular in the state and the nation, so thousands are expected to show up to  the protest to display their displeasure.




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