Nintendo to Blame for Sales Slump

nintendo sales slump

Is there somebody to blame for the recent slump in the gaming industry? Some analysts are starting to point the finger at Nintendo as yearly statistics indicate that Nintendo has a significant part in the industry revenues during 2010 and 2011. However, these figures may not tell the whole truth.


Nintendo Sales Slump

Matt Matthews, a statician with Gamasutra, has noticed that of 420 million dollars of missing revenue throughout 75 of the fiscal year, that Nintendo account for about 66 percent of the decline. This was due to a drop of 250 million dollars in sales. Hardware sales are even worse for the company as Nintendo’s hardware numbers only reached 875,000 compared to almost a million the year before. This further shows that 90% of the issue can be traced back to Nintendo.

However it should be pointed out that Nintendo seems to have such a huge impact on the industry only because of how successful the Nintendo Wii and DS have been. Their growth through 2007 was incredible and the decline there after makes things seem to indicate a problem with Nintendo.

Other companies can also be held accountable. The 360 and Playstation 3 have contributed to the industry but on much smaller scales. The success of these consoles also relied more heavily on the phasing out of other consoles such as the PS2.

So as their hardware and software sales decline it is not as notable as these companies just do not have the stranglehold on the market that Nintendo had from the Wii and DS.

nintendo sales slump


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