How Much Money Did the Dark Knight Rises Make

How Much Money Did the Dark Knight Rises Make

Dark Knight Rises Box Office Sales

The Dark Knight was a large box office success when it debuted in 2008. Introducing the market to a drastically darker tone for their super hero movies that had seen a rising fan base in recent years, the film was pushed over the top upon the tragic end of its star, Heath Ledger’s life. Viral marketing, a devoted fan base, and a dark storyline drove it to a record setting $1 billion worth of revenue.


As the eleventh highest grossing film of all time (unadjusted for inflation), it is certain that The Dark Knight Rises will draw in another record shattering audience. Coming off the success of The Avengers, another comic book based movie, The Dark Knight Rises will be out to compete for sales.


The Dark Knight Rises box office numbers can be estimated to be around equal if not more than the Dark Knight. Bale, Oldman, Freeman, and Caine are making a return for the ending piece of the trilogy, liking spurring more moviegoers to the theater for its release, along with new actors such as Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway.

Taking place approximately 8 years after the events of The Dark Knight, Batman is returning to Gotham to resume his fight for justice and to give the city and its people the hero that it needs.

 How Much Money Did the Dark Knight Rises Make

Everything required to be a box office hit is there for The Dark Knight Rises. It features an already popular movie franchise, is the final piece of a trilogy, is coming out after the already successful and similarly made movie – The Avengers, has an all-star cast of actors, producers and directors, and is wrapping up the dark tone that has captivated moviegoers.


We already know it will be a success, so the only question that will remain in the end is: How much money did the Dark Knight Rises make?


Economic Analysis: Even during the Great Depression the movie industry was fairly successful. In down times, people still seek temporary reliefs from reality and entertainment. The cinema has become a staple of the American and now the global economy, offering everyone action, suspense, a deep story, action, emotion and satisfaction. Generating billions of dollars a year in direct revenues, and offering much more in additional revenue from marketing, product lines and other promotions, the impact of  how much money did The Dark Knight Rises make will be felt globally as it becomes talked about and viewed by millions of people.


How Much Money Did the Dark Knight Rises Make

How Much Money Did the Dark Knight Rises Make?

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