McWeddings in Hong Kong: Mcdonalds to Offer Weddings

Mcdonalds Wedding

Starting in January of this year, Mcdonalds across Hong Kong started offering discounted wedding packages. Initially in a test phase period, they were offered in 3 Mcdonalds locations in the former British colony.

Mcdonalds Wedding

The average wedding in Hong Kong costs $1,300, but these Mcweddings will cost a mere $129, giving consumers or loving couples a new item on their value menu. Included in the packages will be customized menus, decorations, Mcthemed gifts, and an apple-pie wedding cake.


This idea came from a Hong Kong couple that originally met in a Mcdonalds and desires to bring themselves together in marriage at the location where they first met. Spreading by word of mouth, people began requesting their own McWeddings. While it may be the latest fad, even similar to Vegas style weddings, no privacy is guaranteed. Customers can continue to walk in and make their purchases and even watch the ceremony.

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