Lack of economic opportunity dooming more Americans

The loss of the middle culture is serious. A recent Citylab article discussed the connection of economic and health inequality in the US. Most of us bounce around the middle for good reasons.

Generations before us have seen how quickly reckless or silly-thinking behaviour can lead to disaster. How many in-laws are concerned at weddings? They know they may have to pick up the pieces. Too much success can lead to a lifestyle that kills, and can lead to the killer effects of poverty.

From an early age, the second is an undercurrent of awareness, that may be in most people’s minds. Some risk all for the big win, but you don’t hear people bragging about the big lose. Momentum in either direction can compound. What is interesting is the power of confidence. There is an element of acting in our lives. People warm to the aura of success and avoid the reality of hard truths. 

We do need government policy to protect people from themselves and others. This is what development economics refers to. We do need government subsidised education to give opportunity. We do need to fund training to supply skills so people can rise again. There is youth unemployment but there is also an increase in older unemployment.

But it can be dog eat dog at times. There are people who want to know us when they perceive a social or financial advantage in association. What is surprising is how quickly we can be in a position of vulnerability. Our western society is more like a Dickensian world every day. Though the way debt and taxes are going, individuals will also have to be more responsible for the risks they take.

Poverty is a very insidious disease. But the momentum of fear is dangerous. The mindset swings in societies, where it generally over react or go too far. People can be very sensitive to each other’s narrative and contagious in their emotions. It only takes a minor government adjustment to create a large effect. We need government and banks to support the risk in enterprise, but if government and banks allow too much reckless behaviour in markets, we may end up in another crash.

What is staggering is the amount of gambling behaviour that is encouraged now. It’s right through our western culture. One lesson we learned from the last crash. A previous Trump attitude allowed a free range of activity, without overarching control, leading to a chaos of activity. And we know what chaos brings.

Some areas of the USA can be mistaken as a 3rd world country. People would be shocked about some of Detroit’s neighborhoods’ devastating situation. A city destroyed and hit hard by the worst kind of American capitalism. America is measured by the weakest, poorest and sickest people. The United Nations have seen the poorest in the United States and comparing some of our areas to the worst parts of Asia and Africa.

Lack of affordable preventative healthcare and poor food options/inability to afford healthy meals is a huge part of this statistic in economically disadvantaged populations.


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