Kim Jong-Un Assassinated?

Kim Jong-Un is dead

Rumors have exploded this morning on the Chinese Micro-blogging site called Weibo that a certain North Korean dictator is dead, and as a matter of fact, was assassinated. Kim Jong-Un, who just recently took over power after Kim Jong-Il, his father, died. Rumor has it that Dictator Kim Jong-Un was assassinated at the embassy in Beijing as he is visiting China.

Kim Jong-Un is Dead

Posts have filled Weibo all day with reports that say something along the lines of: Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean leader, was killed February 10th at 2:45. Unknown people broke into his residence in the embassy, shot the leader, and were then killed by his body guards.


The report begins by saying, “According to reliable sources” however that has also been the case in many previous supposed high-level cases. The rumor is suspected to have arisen from a picture seen with an “unusual” number of cars outside the embassy, making Chinese citizens believe something is up. Many in the nation believe that perhaps a government coup went down.


Kim Jong-Un is dead

Kim Jong-Un is dead

 Kim Jong Un Assassinated

China, North and South Korea and the rest of the world will just have to wait in anticipation for the story to be verified or proven as just a dream gone rumor. The world now just waits and hopes that the dictator that has held power over his impoverished people for decades with his father, and for months on his own, is in fact dead. And looking at the picture, the embassy is meant to be luxurious.


–Update: Since the North Korean Dictator has been seen in public since this announcement, it should be assumed that he indeed is still alive and regretfully not assassinated during his trip to China. The rumors will likely increase security on later visits though.



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