Interview Tips for a Tough Economy

Interview Tips for a Tough Economy

Interview Tips for a Tough Economy

A Powerful 3 Step Method to Job Interview Success

Have a big job interview coming up? Well, good! So do 10 – 20 other people. You are the select few from the application process that actually get a job interview. So, congratulations! You were picked from among potentially hundreds of applicants to have an interview.

That is just one victory though. The most important victory is the job interview itself. In a down economy, many people are looking for jobs and having job interviews. You need to set yourself apart from the crowd by having a solid interview!

This isĀ  a 3 part method: 1) before the interview, 2) during the interview, and 3) after the interview.

1) Before the Interview

Before you go to the job interview, you need to prepare yourself physically and mentally. You need to be ready to make a strong first impression (because you only get one chance) and to build a relationship of trust that makes the interviewer remember you.

This starts with your personal appearance and mindset. You need to be well-groomed and in professional looking clothes when you go to the interview. Make sure to iron your clothes and follow good hygiene standards.

Now the mindset part. Visit the website of the company for which you are interviewing. Get an overall feeling of what their values, mission statement, and company objectives are. These will give you an idea of what is most important to the company and, by extension, the interviewer.

Last, practice answering basic interview questions. These are questions that will be about you, your work ethic, your work history, education, experience, people skills, customer service skills, etc. Practice answering questions about each of these areas and notice what you are saying and how you’re saying it.

2) During the Interview

When you walk into the job interview, make good eye contact with the interviewer, give a good, firm handshake, and speak clearly and loud enough for him or her to hear your name. Also, remember to give a good, genuine SMILE!

Practice good manners. Don’t sit down until you are invited to do so. Make sure that you are always courteous, yet confident.

The best way to make a good first impression and to keep building a relationship of trust and confidence is to give a good sincere smile and be genuine in all your answers.

The worst way to build a relationship of trust is to be dishonest or fake in your answers. The reasons for this is because 1) most interviewers can sense when you are faking and 2) if somehow you get the job, and you lied about what you can actually do, it will become clear very quickly and you’ll get fired!

So, in summary, smile and be confidently genuine to make a good, lasting impression and build a relationship of trust.

3) After the Interview

Before the job interview ends, ask the interviewer when you can expect to hear about the job. He or she will usually give you a time period, like 3 or 4 days. Then, ask if you can follow-up with him or her if you haven’t heard anything in that time.

Be sure that when you do this that you get a business card from the interviewer and ask about the best way to contact him or her.

The purpose of doing this is that you want to make sure your face and name stay in the interviewer’s mind. You want to show determination and strong desire to get the job. The key is to do this without becoming a nuisance. So, make sure that stay within that time period the interviewer gave you for follow-up.

The only exception to this is a thank you letter. Just a simple handwritten note for the interviewer thanking him or her for taking the time to interview you. This must be sincere and, when possible, sent THE DAY OF THE INTERVIEW so that it gets to the interviewer the day after the interview.

In the note, you’ll want to give your sincere thank you and a short statement of how your skill set will BENEFIT THE COMPANY. Nothing too long, but reinforcing that you are the right person for the job.

By using this 3 part method during the whole job interview process, you will effectively make a good impression on the interviewer and be able to build a relationship of trust with whomever you are interviews you.

Guest Bio: Matt Smith is a college student and webmaster of, a site that helps college students find simple answers to their college questions.

Interview Tips for a Tough Economy

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