Internet Providers to Limit Access to Online Pirates

Internet users that illegally download, or pirate, movies, music, or other media may soon find themselves being limited by their internet search providers.  Providers may limit or restrict internet access entirely.


AT&T Inc , Comcast Corp, Cablevision Systems Corp, Verizon Communications Inc, and Time Warner Cable Inc all agreed to warn their customers up to 6 times when their account is suspected of pirating and downloading content illegally.  All Warnings will come as either emails or pop-up messages.


If the illegal of suspected illegal activity continues, then the providers will either slow down internet connection or redirect all web pages to a warning page that requires users to contact the provider before normal activity is restored. Users may also challenge the suspected claim from an independent group.


Despite all the limitations they can place on users, an account can not be suspended. According to those behind this push, pirating costs the U.S. economy over 370,000 jobs, $16 billion in lost earnings and $3 billion in tax revenue.


“We believe it will have a significant impact on reducing online piracy,”   U.S. intellectual property enforcement coordinator, Victoria Espinel said.

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