India needs to prove they can be a quality manufacturer

India is considered to be a future powerhouse, but it is still lacking the ability to prove itself as a quality manufacturer. So why is it that India’s share in global manufacturing exports or as a percentage of GDP so low in global or Asian comparisons?

One argument would be corruption. There is a lack of discipline at every stage, whether applying technology, understanding quality, and applying it without making compromises. If they can understand quality, then quantity will follow. Quality should be way of life. This is the major difference which separates India with other developed countries.

It is a wonderful thought but the problem is deep rooted. Identity emerges from original R&D, and in case of Indian companies, developing such original product solutions is still a challenge. One great product where India has emerged as a Global Leader through domestic innovation is ‘Space Technology’ and the world swears by its name. Till the time more Indian Companies develop ORIGINAL global products, they will have to enjoy the FOREIGN Experience, ‘Made in India.

High levels of social inequality is also a barrier to general excellence in industry including manufacturing. Consider that in both Japan and Germany the pay difference between the CEO and the most junior person is much narrower. Everyone shares a part of the economic benefit and is much more motivated.

One of the main issue with the products which are made in India is the ‘fit and finish’ which highly influences the ‘perceived quality’ Most of them are actually more durable and reliable than they appear to be. India needs revolution to drive this ‘perceived quality’ issues.

Another issue is that unions and their political agendas have a significant impact on India‘s industries ability to transform to world class. If the unions and their members have a different agenda than management and promoters, no text book management operational technique will change that.

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