Hugo Chavez Dead?

Last seen on June 9th, Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez has been reported by the El Nuevo Herald as in critical condition in a Cuban hospital. With his last contact to the public coming via a June 12th phone call, some are speculating that what was initially thought to be pelvic abscesses is actually prostate cancer. According to the report, Chávez is in “critical condition, not grave, but critical, in a complicated situation.”


As his family has flown into Cuba, they have tried to stifle reports of his possible worsening condition. “In response to all the rumors, I can give faith that the president is recovering in a satisfactory manner,” Adan Chávez, said “The [dictator] is a strong man.” To further this effort, they activated his personal Twitter account and wrote, “I’m here with you during the hard battles every day! Until victory always! We are winning! And we shall win!”


Despite their best efforts though, reports of his weakening status has been escaping Cuba. Upon his potential death, will the people revolt against his socialist policies that has isolated the nation from many trade partners and has led to increased poverty?


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