Greece Faces Default As Austerity Vote Nears

George Provopoulos, Governor of the Bank of Greece,  issued a dire warning to the nation’s Parliament on its Wednesday’s austerity vote meant to aid the nation in its economic collapse. He said Greece will be committing “suicide” if parliament does not approve the measure.


The vote comes just a day after protests filled the streets after the severe measures imposed by the European Union and IMF on the nation. Despite the heightened urgency, the vote is expected to be of the slimmest margins. Provopoulos blames this on the dialogue the nation has had.“We have never really had a debate in this country about what went wrong. In Portugal the new government has come in and said that there will be a difficult two years ahead. We have not had that kind of talk here.” He continued by saying, “For parliament to vote against this package would be a crime – the country would be voting for its suicide.”



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