Who is the Goat Man

who is the goat man

Every once in a while a surprising or fun story is needed to give readers a break from the normal stories of life that involves financial transactions, savings, trying to hold onto a job or other typical economic interactions. With that in mind, this story is about the Goat Man.


On July 15th, a mysterious man in a goat suit was spotted and photographed in the Wasatch Mountains on the Ben Lomond peak. While being at that specific spot is not too out of the ordinary, what he was wearing was.


Near Ogden, Utah, he has been practicing his stealth abilities for the upcoming wild goat hunting season. His goat man suit was simply a hooded painter’s outfit and a fleece, which was more than enough to make people turn their heads and to catch the attention of locals and the national headlines.


As this man roamed amongst the herds of goats, some wildlife officials were worried that hunters could mistake him for a live goat and suit and injure or kill the man. Phil Douglass of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources has gone on record stating that the man has been identified and is in fact a 57 year old man from California who was simply getting ready for the hunt. The man said he was getting ready for an archery hunt of wild mountain goats set for next year and wanted to see how well his disguise would work. Utah is also apparently the place to go to get close to live goats for training.

Economic Impact: This will not leave a huge dent on a national or even local economy, but it has been a story that has caught people’s attention. Obviously the 57 year old hunter saw the benefits of testing his goat suit amongst wild goats as outweighing the cost of potential public attention or the risk of being shot by a hunter. The general population is also attracted to weird out of the ordinary stories and tend to like to take a few moments to read what the headline means, giving newspapers a few potential sales as the mystery was unfolding.

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