Facebook IPO Is Worth $104 Billion

How Much is Facebook IPO Worth

Facebook did to social media what Google did to search engines. For years Myspace and other smaller sites ruled king as the place to socialize and market oneself on the internet, but upon the arrival of Facebook, the others were just a distant memory to laugh about. Taking the internet by storm, CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook gave users a place to play games, post what they are up to that day, find and lose love and even work on an online presence as they can list their jobs and education.


How Much is Facebook IPO Worth

Starting off as a small college based social website, as portrayed in the movie, “The Social Network” the site has grown into a network of millions of users including business pages, political pages and even for entertainers. As it has grown into a force and generated mass revenue from ads, Mark Zuckerberg has played with the idea of going public and as of this week it will finally become reality.


180 million shares are being offered in the facebook initial public offering with another 157 million coming from existing stockholders- including Mark Zuckerberg himself, primarily to cover the tax liabilities. At the end of the day of trading, which is already causing a stir in the investment community as everyone wants to get a piece expecting success such as what was seen from Apple and Google, Zuckerberg will still own around 57% of the stock with voting rights in the company, keeping him in charge of the decision making.


How Much is Facebook Stock

In the regulatory filing on Tuesday, the stock was listed as being sold between $34 and $38 a share, higher than previously expected. With excitement rising over having a chance to own just a piece, even just one share, of the biggest internet social media site, demand has risen and prices are expected to rise one trading opens.


Mark Zuckerberg is expected to make $1.06 billion from his shares if valued at $35 per share.   Other people looking to make several million to billions from this facebook initial public offering are: Goldman Sachs, Peter Thiel (Paypal co-founder), James Breyer, Microsoft…

At the end of the day, the Facebook IPO is expected to be worth near $104 billion, putting it near the range of top corporations in the matter of just one day. In the matter of hours, facebook would pass up the value of such economic powerhouses as McDonalds and Citigroup. With stocks already oversubscribed, the Facebook initial public offering will be the topic on everyone’s mind for days.

How Much is Facebook IPO Worth



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