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Is GDP really a good measure?

The World Economic Forum had an interesting video about the downfalls of using GDP. The standard economic model based on “growth” is outdated and massively flawed. This is a topic for a lengthy debate but GDP per capita and median income are already much better metrics to determine the health of an economy. Debt, disposable income and […]

Economic and Environmental Analysis of Tradable Permits

The following is an analysis comparing and contrasting the cases of tradable permits in theory and reality in terms of historical and theoretical backgrounds, geographical areas, distribution of permits, goals, the size of the project, involved players, the amount of financing in accordance with costs, effectiveness, efficiency and uncertainty. The main idea of tradable permits […]

Demand vs supply in the music industry

An article in Medium argues that the biggest phenomenon that has shaped it in the 21st century has been an utter divergence between supply and demand. In short: our ability as humanity to consume music is (roughly) a constant, yet the amount of available music is cumulative and growing exponentially. Anyone with a rudimentary understanding […]

Brand transformation can be painful and hard

Transformation without pain is not real transformation. Today, most of the brands are going through a transformational journey. They want to change from a caterpillar to a digital butterfly. They want to go through a dramatic change in form and appearance. They don’t do it because it is cool. They do it because they need […]

A new model for Pareto Optimality

The folks at AEQUILIBRIA have been working a model to improve business strategy. When seeking strategy ahead, they apply S3S4ME℠ -strategy/success=systemic solution seek for maximum effectiveness. How does it work, for example in law? Simple: compare the public policy interest behind the development of an area of law and the development of another. Run the “attention […]

How to Fix Race Relations

The biological  (biology = study of life) classification of life is broken down into the following categories: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species. Nowhere in that list do you see “race.” The reason for that is that race is not real. Humans are homo sapiens, not homo sapiens black or homo sapiens white – […]

Argument Against Government


Every four years the nation gets together and splits itself down the middle on who should be President and which political party should run Congress. Neighbors put up competing yard signs as the glare at one another, bumper stickers will decorate our expensive cars in an effort to somehow persuade someone to change their vote […]

Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine review

Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine review

A Review of the Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine   Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine was first published in 1929. The main objective of Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine is to cater for the latest and most accurate information, reports and opinions about the business world. In the beginning the magazine printed segments that covered subjects such as labor, economics, advertising […]

How to Manage Profits

How to Manage Profits

  Revenue collection is always the backbone of all that goes around in every business. Though this is the case, if you do not manage this revenue properly, your business profits will always be a thing of the past. You will always be incurring losses all through. Therefore if you need a business that has […]

The Supreme Court’s History

supreme court cases

The Supreme Court is the highest polled branch of the Federal Government. Despite is marks, though it doesn’t take much to beat near 0% approval, its history is perhaps the most controversial. From the very beginning the life-term justices began usurping power and instantly began dismantling every line of the constitution.   In its history […]