Earth Book 2012

earth book 2012

Earth Book 2012 is a project launched by the WWF ( Worldwide fund for nature). Its aim is to raise awareness of the impact we are having on planet earth, and to let those in power know what the earth means to average people.

It is a catalogue of photos and stories submitted by people like you! It is a great read and there is still a chance to get involved in earth book 2012. Ahead of the Earth summit 2012, the WWF are calling everyone to make their voices heard. It will certainly highlight why we need to remember about funding to combat climate change, even in times of economic instability. World leaders can be influenced by the voices of many!

Earth Book 2012 Wiki

It was launched on May 15th 2012 and the closing date is 20th June, in the run up to the Rio summit 2012. There is still plenty of time to get involved and have your say! Earth book 2012 already has many fantastic stories and will see plenty more. It is divided into sections: Forests, Rivers and Lakes, Animals, Urban Nature, Wild Places and Weather. There are different ways to take part, simply upload a photo, write a story, or even draw something!

With a variety of contributions from astronauts to hikers, it really is quite awe-inspiring. To have your say head on over to the WWF. It is a fantastic way to help the world go green!
The movement is a good cause for sure, as it puts the focus on making the global public aware of the true value of this planet we live on, while also pointing out the fragile balance of life and the impact that human beings have on the planet and the system as a whole. Running up through the Rio Summit of this year, there is still room for this movement to grow and make a difference.
earth book 2012

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