Donald Trump is Not Republican

Donald Trump is Not a Republican

Donald Trump is Not Republican


Donald Trump, the real estate mogul  previously flirted with a 2012 Republican nomination bid after months of leading on the media, party officials, and voters. Through a series of interviews, debates, and his own book, it was heavily thought Donald Trump would finally jump into the political arena, however just like past suggestions, the conclusion was the same, it was all hype.


Seven months ago Donald Trump finally stated he would not seek the Republican nomination, but has tried to stay relevant by offering to host debates, staying on the media, and possibly looking for other ways to get onto the ballot.


After seeking the Republican nomination despite never having followed the Republican platform, Donald Trump has now changed his party affiliation from Republican to “unaffiliated” reported a source close to Mister Trump. It was also reported that the reason he did so was that he was “disgusted” with the Republican Party, including recent efforts to that led to the Payroll tax cut deal.


Back in May when he backed away from the Republican nomination, many suspected that Donald Trump was setting himself up as a third party ticket presidential bid. Along with jumping off board from the party he never fully supported, he has now been in contact with the independent nominee presidential group, Americans Elect, which has already gotten candidates on the ballot in several states across the nation.


Is Donald Trump Republican?

Donald Trump has a history of changing parties to benefit himself and gather up hype in regards to his “political ambitions.” While registered as a Republican for decades, he changes to the Democratic party in 2001 to coincidentally change back to a Republican in 2009. Changing parties is no rare occurrence for Mister Trump, as now it is becoming common place, but he has stated that the defeat of President Obama’s reelection is top priority. To ensure/ sabotage this effort he has stated that in the event Republicans pick the wrong candidate he would highly consider an independent Presidential bid.


With such a high profile name and a vast fortune to spend, getting the name out will be no problem, but perhaps his high inconsistencies and inconsistent record will be. Having ran several businesses into bankruptcy, he is perhaps not the greatest candidate for president in the time of a struggling American economy. This and the constant switching of parties in a highly polarized political environment has not help Donald Trump back though. Until not enough candidates agreed to show up, he tried to moderate the Newsmax Republican debate, but was ultimately forced to step aside with little support.


Staying relevant is vital to a candidate in this election’s early election cycle and with primaries starting earlier than ever, but failing to maintain the debate was a blow to staying in the mix.


In terms of leaving the Republican Party, it is no surprise as he never followed the Republican values.

Since the 1990’s he has donated money to liberal icons such as Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, John Kerry,¬† Charles Rangel… On top of that in 2000 supported a heavily criticized model of socialized health care similar to that has been unpopular since signed by President Obama, among other anti- free market measures.



Donald Trump is Not a Republican

Donald Trump is Not a Republican


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