Christine Lagarde Earns $550,000 Pay Package

Christine Lagarde, the incoming head of the IMF was given a total of $550,000 compensation package for taking on the high-power job. As the first woman ever to hold the post, and coming in at times of global economic turmoil and controversy as the previous head faces charges of sexual assault, she has a lot of challenges ahead of her.


In her payment package is a base salary (after taxes) of $467,940. On top of that is another $83,760 for living expenses. Her predecessor, who was pressured to resign under allegation of sexual assault, made slightly below that figure with $420,930 a year and a living allowance of $75,350.


Earning large figures that most around the globe could only dream about, one has to wonder if she will have time to enjoy her earnings. Facing her is the Greek Financial Crisis, as they face default, the possibility of a United States default, a downgraded Portugal and a currency and financial crisis that spans most of Europe. This on top of her regular duties will provide Christine Lagarde with quite a workload.

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