Chavez: Build More Prisons

El Rodeo II Prison: Hugo Chavez

With Venezuela’s shaky human rights record under Dictator Hugo Chavez on his own citizens, including shutting down their businesses, closing down the media, arresting anyone that dares speak on his abuses, taking revenues and leading to their economic turmoils, one only has to wonder what the nation’s prison system is like under him.


On Friday Chavez called for more prisons to be built in the nation after a 27 day prison inmate revolt ended. Starting weeks ago when Chavez went out of the nation for treatment, leading to reports that Hugo Chavez is dead, troops stormed the prisons in search of weapons, giving way for the inmates to revolt. It finally ended when negotiations allowed hundreds of inmates from Rodeo II prison to leave.


El Rodeo II Prison: Hugo Chavez


In an interview with the state ran propaganda television, Chavez called on more prisons to be built, saying the current ones are over crowded , the current ones are in need to be transformed and he will open a new Cabinet position to deal with the issue.


Like the health issue he is currently dealing with, he likened the situation to cancer and said it must be fought.


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