Careers in Economics

Economics can be applied towards nearly every topic and career field. Whether it is business, logisitics and analysis, politics, finances, consulting or even legal. Here are some numbers on careers that are obtainable with a degree in economics.


Careers in Economics


Field of Study              Starting Salary
                          (Bachelor's degrees)
Chemical engineering           $52,539
Computer engineering           $51,297
Computer Science               $49,036
Mechanical engineering         $48,578
Industrial/manufacturing       $46.036
Information science            $42,375
Civil engineering              $42,056
Management information systems $41,579
Economics/finance              $40,630
Nursing                        $38,920
Business administration        $38,254
Marketing                      $34,712
Political science              $32,296
English                        $31,113
History                        $30,344
Liberal arts (as a group)      $30,212
Elementary education           $30,059
Biological/life sciences       $29,629
Psychology                     $28,230


*Data as of 2004

 Economics Jobs

Career Options Include:

Financial Advisor

Public Sector Economist

Financial Analyst

Manager of Business

Banking or Mortgage Officer

Labor and Industrial Relations

Lawyer or Paralegal

Private Consultment

Market Researcher