2012 Nintendo E3 Predictions Wiki

2012 nintendo e3 predictions

E3 has become more than just a convention for gamers, but is a full event for the entertainment and electronic industry that dwarfs other conventions in size and the level of hype it brings. Large companies have traditionally used this venue as an opportunity to not only announce new games, introduce new consoles, show off the latest technology or market some products, but they have used the event as an opportunity to have the entire world view their latest accomplishments and for the media to be actively involved as well.


Past E3’s have seen Nintendo show off the Nintendo 64, Twilight Princess, Donkey Kong Country Returns, the introduction of Mario into 3D,  the Nintendo Wii-U… They have had long lines of people simply wanting 5 minutes of time with their hands on a controller demoing the newest Zelda or console. The expectations are high and this will surely lead to new accomplishments being shown off again this year. Taking what is already known and mixing in some new elements, here are some bold predictions for the 2012 Nintendo E3 show.

 Nintendo E3 Wiki

  1. It is a safe bet to assume the Nintendo Wii-U will be revealed in full since it has a supposed 2012 release date. Stirrings of a controller redesign have already been on the internet, but it would not be beyond Nintendo to show off a new controller that has drastically larger changes than just a button being moved or a logo being switched to a new spot. The controller revealed last year received a lot of hype, and rightfully so, but look for it to introduce some new elements that was not previously announced and for even a possible entirely new design altogether. The cost of the controller revealed last year would be high and could be a turn off for consumers; something had to be done to address the problem.
  2. When Nintendo needs to make some money, which they surely do after this past  year’s terrible income statement, they have to turn to Mario or Zelda. With Mario having already saved the Nintendo 3DS from failure and pushing it into a successful zone, it looks like it is time for a new Zelda game. A demo was shown last year for the Wii-U that  had a realistic version of Link. While stated to be for display purposes only, there is a good chance that display could become reality. The Wii-U needs a strong launch, unlike the 3DS and one way to ensure that happens is to have a new Zelda game on the day of or within a month or two of launch.
  3. Another prediction to make is the return of some oftentimes overlooked franchises. Donkey Kong made a return on the Wii lately, and though not the strongest of efforts, it got the character relevant again. A 3DS installment could be likely, if not an early Wii-U title. Metroid has also been absent for years as it last made an appearance on Other M. The series has a committed group of fans and the company could see a boost of sales in either console if the iconic hero returns. Some online rumors have suggested a Star Fox – Metroid mix, which could provide for a lot of hype if done properly. Pikmin has also been missing for an entire generation. It would seem that it is time for a comeback.
  4. Nintendo has been trying to show that they are ready to compete online. The quickest way to show they are serious with that is to show off an entirely new online network that is centralized and functional. What better way to do that would be to demo a brand new Smash Brothers?
  5. The Nintendo 3DS is overdue for a redesign announcement. We all know it is coming, so this may be the event to do so.
  6. For one final prediction, let’s go bold. Nintendo will demonstrate a new capability for the Wii-U that allows the games to be played in 3D without glasses.

2012 nintendo e3 predictions


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