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Obama in Cincinnati as War on Coal and Job Creation Continues

obama in cincinnati

President Obam is coming to Cincinnati today to push his agenda upon the tri-state region and Ohio, as the state is viewed as one of the battleground states that is likely to decide the fate of the November election. With Ohio having been won by near all candidates that went on to win the  Presidency, […]

Wisconsin Recall Election

walker wins recall

After just a year and a half after Governor Scott Walker defeated his opponent Tom Barret by 6 points in Wisconsin’s election, angry activists managed to collect enough signatures to force a recall election and a rematch between the two. The recall election, a tool meant to remove leaders who have violated their duties as […]

Sloan Challenges Santorum

santorum sloan

700 WLW radio talk show host Scott Sloan put the pressure on Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum today as the Ohio primary draws near. Super Tuesday is next week on March 6th, and Ohio is by far the most competitive state of the bunch, with the winners mostly predicted in the other states already.   […]

Ohio Primary March 6th wiki

Ohio Primary Marh 6th wiki

On March 6th voters in Ohio will be going to voting stations across the state to cast their ballots in support of several ballot provisions, as well as casting a vote for primary candidates for the national and state level elections.   Super Tuesday Ohio Results In many people’s minds will be the Republican primary […]

Ohio Supports Right to Work

Ohio Supports Right to Work

Last November organized labor/unions, spent millions of dollars on t.v. commercials, bill boards, radio ads and signs. Their goal was to convince voters who had just before voted to elect officials to control spending and fix the budget, to change their minds and repeal approved bill, senate bill 5. Senate Bill 5 effectively limited public […]

Republicans for Obama

Republicans for Obama

2012 is of course a presidential election year, meaning President Obama is up for re-election and the primaries and caucuses have already hit full swing for the Republican nomination.  In 2008 Hilary Clinton and now President Obama took the process late into the Summer as they both sought the presidential nomination. After spending millions of […]

Rick Santorum wins Iowa

rick santorum wins iowa

Rick Santorum Wiki Iowa Rick Santorum has been projected to win Iowa’s caucus.  Iowa has been given the honor of holding the nation’s first primary/caucus in the 2012 election cycle, where Republican candidates are all vying to have the nomination against incumbent President Obama. With an election cycle that has seen near every candidate rise […]

Donald Trump is Not Republican

Donald Trump is Not a Republican

Donald Trump is Not Republican   Donald Trump, the real estate mogul  previously flirted with a 2012 Republican nomination bid after months of leading on the media, party officials, and voters. Through a series of interviews, debates, and his own book, it was heavily thought Donald Trump would finally jump into the political arena, however […]

Ron Mosby For Ohio District 32

Elect Ron Mosby

Ron Mosby For  Ohio District 32   Share this post!