10 Ways to Save Money By Going Green

how to save money going green

Want to save money? Want to save the earth? Read on…
These two desires often come hand in hand. Here I will provide 10 of the best ways you can add money to your pocket, whilst earning karma points along the way.

1. Use Your Thermostat!
Many people do not pay attention to their central heating. They will leave it on whilst at work, wasting energy and money. Just by turning off your heating whilst out of the house can save a lot more money than you think. There is no point heating a home with no-one in it. Also, use the sun to your advantage. If it’s a bright day then let the sun in and turn down the thermostat. It’s free heating! As easy as opening the blinds can be, many people overlook this simple method.

2.  Energy Efficiency
Thinking of buying some new kitchen appliances? Think before you buy. Looking for Gold Star energy efficient products you can reduce your electric bill by a significant amount. They may be a little more expensive than ordinary appliances, however you will see a return of investment very fast. Energy efficient fridges, microwaves and kettles will slash your energy bills significantly, saving you money and helping to reduce global carbon emissions.

3. Invest in Renewable Energy
If you are an eco-warrior then this one is for you. Installing a wind turbine or solar panels on the roof of your house could reduce your energy bills to zero. In some areas you can get government grants for free solar panels, providing your roof faces a southernly direction. A quick google search will enlighten you. If you are un-able to receive these then not to worry. You can always buy your own wind turbine and/or solar panels. It may be costly at first but definitely worth it. Energy prices are only going to rise as we begin to exhaust our natural supplies of oil and gas. Investing in renewable energy today can benefit you a lot more than you first expect. You can even make money by selling your excess energy back to the grid!


4. Public Transport
Many people are put off by the idea of public transport, however there are many methods of incorporating it into your daily life. Nobody wants to give up their car. Yet just try it for a week and see how much money you will save, then multiply that number by 52 to see how much you can save a year in fuel! If you are not interested in giving up your car, then try some car pool schemes. If you have a friend who commutes in your direction, then take it in turns to drive. This is a very effective way of saving money without the perils of public transport. Also, as always, you are doing your bit for the earth!

5. Grow Your Own!
Growing your own vegetables can save you much more money than you think. It helps reduce pollution by cutting out transport costs from supermarkets. It is also highly rewarding knowing you can produce your own food and do not have to rely on others. It takes a little bit of work but the benefits are tremendous. If you do not have a garden to grow crops, then buy local produce from local farmers/markets. This reduces the dependency of large supermarkets and benefits the economy in your local area. Keep your money in your town!

6. Shower
Taking short showers instead of a bath can save water and heating bills. Now, most people like to bathe in a hot bath, but try to reduce your leisure time to once a week. Try this for 30 days and see how much money you can save with this simple piece of advice.

7. Recycle old Electronics
Many companys will pay you cash for your old mobile phone. So rather than throwing electronics in the bin, see how much you can get for them. You may be surprised. A good online company is Mazooma. The companies recycle these old electronics helping reduce our impact upon the earth. There is no reason to bin old electronics when you can get money for them.

8. Light Bulbs
Around 11% of your energy bills are most likely on lighting. If you own old, inefficient incandescent light bulbs, you should replace these right away. Buying compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) can save you around 75% on your annual lighting cost. Another obvious thing to do would be to turn off the lights if you do not require them. The same goes for all electronics.

9. Phantom Power Leakage
Leaving appliances in ‘standby mode’ causes this ‘phantom power leakage’. Many people are surprised to find out how much money they can save just by turning appliances off fully. Tv’s, Computers and Laptops are the main culprits here, however most of these have built in power saving options allowing them to turn off automatically if not being used. If you do not use these options then you are leaving money on the table.

10. Take Action
Now, not all of these tips will take your fancy, but just try them for a week. There is no harm in trying something new and you may be surprised how much money you can save.

how to save money going green

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